Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Introducing: My Family!

Here are some slightly outdated pics of my family.  They were taken in December.  I say they are outdated because ALL of the girls have grown more beautiful in the last few months.  : )  I am so in love with my family!

"S" and "R"

Me and DH

"S" and "R"


"M" "E" and "N"


"S" and "M"



These are all of us, plus our little neighbor friend.  : )

All of these photos were taken the same day.... Dec. 11th, 2010.
All of the outdoor pics were taken in our very own yard.  Love it!

Spring Fever

Pictures of the twins after we got out of the E.R.  about 2 weeks ago.

Their fevers lasted a whole week prior to this.  Turns out they had double ear infections and possibly pneunomia.  It's been a nasty virus going through the whole family... awful coughs, fevers, aches and pains, congestion, and the younger set had eye discharge that eventually cleared up with the antibiotics.  "R" was the sickest of all... poor baby!   : (

So far, I like it.

I like that it automatically enters the date and time of your posts.  That is one of the tedious parts of journaling when you are in the middle of something fun and exciting... you have to stop and figure out the date.  Now to figure out how much of my life to plaster on the pages.  DH will say no pictures and no names.  Hmmmm... 

Testing, testing...

Trying out this blogging thing.  We'll see how I like it.